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The Third Catalogue Order

From McClure & Zimmerman:

12 Gladiolus Nanus 'Atom'
3 Hymenocallis festalis 'Zawenenberg'
3 Caladium 'Red Flash'
3 Bletilla striata

I mailed the order off about a week and a half ago.

The gladiolus are a hardy variety, which surprised me when I first read the description. Hardy to zone 5? Are you sure these are glads? But I have a group planted in one corner, combined with the crocosmias (they're both the same hue of red, and bloom at about the same time, so it's a really nice composition. Completely accidental on my part), and they've been surviving happily for years now. I'm going to combine this bunch with the non-red crocosmias I ordered earlier, and see how well they do together.

"Hymenocallis festalis" I knew more readily as "Peruvian Daffodil" and a under different scientific name after that (it got re-categorized), but it produces a ridiculous (but impressive) frondy flower. It's also the only flower I've had passers-by ask me about, so it's not just me. Not hardy in my area, so I have to dig the bulbs up for the winter, which unfortunately I didn't do in time last year.

The caladium are caladium. I like the read-and-green leaves though, so it's worth the bother of digging them up for the winter.

Bletilla striata is a hardy, terrestrial orchid. It's officially zone 6, but I plant it next to the building, and most of them survive over winter. Given the winter we've just come out of though, I thought replenishing the ranks might be a good idea.