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The Fourth Catalogue Order

From White Flower Farm (the same time as McClure & Zimmerman):

6 Fraise Des Boise 'Baron Solemacher' (i.e., alpine strawberries)
1 Heuchera 'Rave On' (coral bell)
1 Dianthus 'Candy Floss'

The strawberry choice comes from an coincidence. Back when I was a kid, I'd look through my mom's garden catalogues (Burpee was her supplier of choice), and strawberries were one of the things I'd look at. The 'Baron Solemacher' description was different from the others though, as they would send you seeds instead of plants, and it was advertised as having no runners, which didn't mean anything to me but which apparently was a selling point.

It is now decades later, and I have a handful of varieties of alpine strawberries in my garden now, all because of that listing in a Burpee's catalogue, but none of them Baron Solemacher. I presumed it just got superseded by newer and better varieties. Then this year I see that WFF was offering the plants. I was intrigued, and when they arrive we'll see how they do.

The coral bell is another dark-leafed red-flowered variety, which I think will go well with the other coral bells. I can't help it, I like coral bells stop me before I plant again and will continue to enjoy them.

It may not be as obvious that I also like dianthus (it's the closest I'll ever come to growing carnations, to which dianthus are related), but I have more than a few of them around the building as well.

That's currently it as far as orders go. Some of the plants have already arrived, and a few got planted Sunday. Today it's snowing, but fortunately I only planted the hardy ones, as I am able to read a weather forecast.